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Product ID: SPRINGS204
Manufacturer: Spring Star
UPC: 752587002044
Bird Seed Moth Trap
Catch the moths that infest your birdseed and your home. This trap uses a pheromone to lure the male moths. Safe to use ...
List Price: $8.93
You save $2.44
Price: $6.49
Manufacturer: Spring Star
UPC: 752587001337
Glass Wasp Trap w/Lure
This glass wasp and yellow jacket trap catches those pesky insects, and looks stylish while doing it. Made of 100% glass...
List Price: $19.43
You save $5.31
Price: $14.12
Manufacturer: Spring Star
UPC: 752587000330
Slim Yellow Jacket Trap
Catch yellow jackets without pesticides. This version of our trap is narrower, but just as effective.This is the slim-ja...
List Price: $10.61
You save $2.90
Price: $7.71