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Wren House

Wren House
Product ID: HEATHW2
Manufacturer: Heath
UPC: 85199093002
List Price: $16.07
You save $4.39
Price: $11.68
Classic Design Wren House with 1" Entrance Hole. Bottom slides out for easy cleaning. Wrens are small, beautiful songbirds that have enjoyed Heath Wren Houses for over 50 years! Gardeners love them for their insect control capabilities, while wild bird enthusiasts entice them with their own selection of suet cakes, mixed and sunflower seeds. The classic design and traditional quality of this house make it easy to clean and maintain for seasons of use. Wrens are attracted to birdbaths and seek thickets where they can hide. A wren's natural food is primarily insects, grasshoppers, spiders and caterpillars. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Enjoy watching these beautiful birds in your backyard by hanging this house 6-10 feet above the ground. Try hanging several houses in your backyard to create your own backyard habitat! PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 7" L x 6" W x 7" H.
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