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Seed Saver Domed Feeder

Seed Saver Domed Feeder
Product ID: DYX1
Manufacturer: Droll Yankees
UPC: 21964103507
List Price: $35.07
You save $9.57
Price: $25.50
Seed Saver Domed Feeder.
  • Birds that use this feeder: Bluebirds, Catbirds, Chickadees, Jays, Mockingbirds, Nuthatches, Orioles, Titmice and Woodpeckers
  • Multi purpose covered dish feeder
  • Great for feeding seed, mealworms, fruit or suet
  • Adjustable dome - to keep out big birds and weather
  • The Seed Saver features a multi-purpose covered dish feeder perfect for attracting birds.
  • The feeder dome and tray are in clear plastic to keep the birds and the seed level visible at all times while the hanging rod is perfect for hanging or pole mounting.
  • This feeder features a large, 10-inch adjustable dome that serves to protect the feeder tray from undesired birds and the elements.
  • The dish has a diameter of 7 x 1.75-inches with a 10-inch diameter cover.
  • It can accommodate a virtually endless variety of bird foods and can hold up to 3/4 of a pound of seed, suet, or table scraps.
  • The feeder utilizes a UV Stabilized Polycarbonate plastic that will not turn yellow with age.
  • Great Mealworm feeder!
  • X-1 feeder-with-seed droll yankees - www.birdfeedershoppe.com

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